Cyclist's Corner

Greetings, friends!
This is a topic in which you can (and should) talk about bicycles. After all, we love them!
You can tell about your bikes and show their photos.
You can talk about how you want to improve them. Or have already improved. And of course - about the bike of your dreams.
You can talk about your pleasant walks, and maybe about traveling by bike.
In general, everything related to the bike.
I hope that the communication will be pleasant.

:bike: :bike: :bike:

P.S. Knowledge of other languages other than Russian, to be honest, is practically absent from me. I use online translators. So if something is unclear in my messages, please do not hesitate to tell me about it. And I will try to formulate my phrases a little differently without losing meaning.


And for starters…

This is how I was in 2004 :slight_smile:



It’s so green! Looks good. I don’t bike, but the scenery if nice.

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It’s near my hometown. The city is not very big, and after 20 minutes of cycling in any direction, you find yourself in such forests :slight_smile:
When it’s summer, it’s very beautiful here. Although, if winter is real - with severe frosts and the sun, it is also very beautiful. Only you need to dress warmly :laughing:

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I moved to the desert because I don’t like the cold. If I never see snow again, I’ll be very happy. It’s very brown here though. I do miss the green. Hell, even here in Los Angeles is still too cold for me.

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I tend to avoid bike shed topics… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I want to improve pretty much everything from weight to breaks to speed-switching system… :sweat_smile:
All that is left is to rob a bank! :money_mouth_face:

P.S. I’m also a fan of driving into the woods…city is boring :upside_down_face:

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Yes, the improvement process can become permanent :slight_smile: This is familiar to me :rofl:

And modern prices for components and bicycles themselves are just a pain. It’s hard for me to understand why a bicycle suddenly began to cost almost like a new car…

I rode in the woods when I was young and handsome :slight_smile: Now I mostly ride in the urban jungle.


I have already completed the 2021 season. He was, for the most part, good :+1:t3:
Although due to some health problems and due to two falls, I lost almost 1.5 months of summer time.
Here are all the routes of the season mapped. These routes have been passed far more than once.

2021 сезон

i like to bike… only not to starts :stuck_out_tongue:


o wonder how you did that jumping from point x to z

Translation difficulties, apparently :slight_smile:
These are all routes for the season, on one map.


I also decided that I don’t need to prove something, and I ride exclusively for my own pleasure :blush:

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always mixed something up in time planning etc… :slight_smile:

This morning in Lisbon.



I’ve only been to Lisbon once, but I really fell in love with this city…


It could be more bike friendly, but we’ve been making progress and a lot of people started biking around this past year.


Yes, there are problems everywhere…
I myself think that Moscow is not a friendly city for a cyclist. And it’s not just about infrastructure. We still perceive the bike as child’s play.
But even in Moscow, you can find places where you can relax from cars and the hustle and bustle of the city :bike:



Our bikes, mine and wives :bike:



Gravel cyclist myself. Here’s my Trek Checkpoint ALR4 in the process of being config’d for bike camping…
checkpoint alr4