Customizing KDE Plasma?

I’ve never customized a desktop environment before, and I was considering now is the best time, having failed at installing pantheon DE.

I am wondering if it would be possible to move the entire bar at the bottom of KDE plasma to the top of my screen and then install ‘plank’ dock at the bottom of my screen? Realistically, this is all I care for from Pantheon anyway, so this alone would satisfy me if it’s possible to do on Endeavour. If that much is possible, I would want to maybe go even further and only allow opened apps to appear at the bottom plank dock instead of at the KDE taskbar up top.

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Right click on the panel and enter edit mode. You will see several options for customizing the panel.

If you are running a Wayland session, Plank might not work. Though it was quite some time ago I tried it. Things may have changed.

You could also opt for having several panels, one on top and one on the bottom and configure them differently to match your criteria.

How do I know if I am runnign Wayland or not? I installed KDE Plasma

If you just did a default installation, then you should be running Xorg.

You could check: $ echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE

Its Xorg. I just installed Plank and organized my KDE bar to my liking. Thanks for that.

How can I make plank auto launch at startup everytime I reboot? And how can I stop plank from auto hiding?

Search for autostart in your system settings. Add plank.

Run plank --preferences , customize.

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You’re a legend. Thanks brother :metal:t3:

Any idea how I can get this 'plasma desktop workspace" icon out of the plank bar? It’s the only icon I can’t seem to remove. The one to the right of spotify.


Nicco, one of the devs of Plasma, has some very informative videos for KDE on his channel. Here is one of them. Check it out it explains a lot.

Thanks. I’ll certainly check it out.

Do you know if the workspace icon in the plank bar is removable, though?

How about is it possible to make an icon for the ‘present all windows’ feature when I run my mouse to the top left corner of my screen? My previous distro had an icon for that and I sort of prefer that for this feature.

No Im sorry. I just use the Standard Panel as a Dock.

Dark I remember that you have to move the mouse over Plank then strg and right click to get to the settings. But I am not sure It could be wrong, if so, im sorry

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Check out present-window-button. I use it here too

available on KDE-Store too

EDIT: metaand w does exactly the same

Here is my Desktop and some Plasmoids

Looks pretty awesome. Lots of nice ideas in that thread.

I think you’ll find some inspiration to set up your plasma desktop the way you want it.

After reading this thread my advice would be to go through the settings and slowly try each of them out to learn what everything does and see what options you have for each - one thing with KDE is you’re never without options. As for “present all workspaces” you can change the hot corner to Overview and it will do this. (It’s under settings->workspace behaviour->screen edges

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