Custom themes do not work correctly

I recently installed endeavouros with KDE however I am having problems with custom themes. When applying a custom theme (with desktop layout from theme) the theme does not apply correctly - predominantly the task bar does not update and the background image changes to black.

I have tested the same themes in kubuntu and they apply just fine meaning it’s not a theme issue.

How it’s supposed to look like:

How it actually looks like:

Do also note when selecting the Breeze Dark theme after it looks just as it should (the breeze dark theme).

After a restart after applying the theme, the theme icons show up correctly but the task bar menu does not change and other things are also out of place:

Am I doing something incorrectly or is something messed up? Thanks.

What theme is it?

Theme called Layan (on the most rated page) however the same behaviour occurs to other themes.

Right click on taskbar select edit mode and change the translucency to Transluscent

For the applications you’ll need to use Kvantum for the application style

Assuming you mean More options → Opacity → Translucent I tried that but the task bar menu remains the same (default Breeze Dark menu).

I’m not too sure but they may be using a different menu from the look of it

The menu changed to the one on the screenshot on kubuntu perfectly fine so I am not sure why it wouldn’t work here (I’ll get a screenshot of it on kubuntu soon).

Booting the partition in virtual box (dont mind the small size).

Not too sure but as there have been a lot of updates in recent months that may be an older version on Plasma. I know they changed their menu a while back

Using legacy kickoff menu I can get it looking a lot closer

kubuntu is running KDE 15.18.8 while endeavouros is running 5.24.1. I will spin up a VM with an older version of KDE installed on endeavouros to see if your theory is correct.

Interesting. I would’ve imagined themes would work fine if they’re on the same major releases.
It does seem annoying and mundane downgrading KDE just for a few themes to work. Are there any better alternatives? I also do not see many people complaining about this issue, I would imagine themes are a big part of KDE and more people would experience issues like this.

They changed the menu back in 5.21 so that would be why it looks different. There are a few alternatives however I normally just use the defaults, including the theme I just customise the colours to what I like. As for theming it can be hit and miss as some themes are created by community members, checking when the themes where last updated can be useful to figuring out if it will work properly or not.

i had similar issues yesterday but seems to be gone today… also after rebooting one or the other Desktop was black like missing. Changing default Desktop to the other display and back solved it…

Are you guys aware on how you can install an older version of KDE? I heard it is a nightmare since it has so many dependencies but I don’t mind a full system reinstall to do so.

You would have to build all the packages from source.

That being said, I am not sure there is a point to that.

I don’t think an older version would make any difference. Layan is working fine here in 5.24

I just took a look at your screenshots. It looks to me like one of the following issues:

  • Your compositor is disabled
  • You haven’t set the matching kvantum theme
  • You haven’t selected kvantum in System Settings->Appearance->Application Style
  • You chose layan-solid instead of layan
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Kubuntu ? :rofl:

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Arch is probably the worst distro to try this on. In general, using outdated software on Arch (and EndeavourOS) is quite messy and difficult. The whole idea of a rolling distro is that you always update to the latest version of everything.

The suggestion to use Kubuntu by @Zircon34 was probably a joke, but seriously, it is one of the easiest ways to run an old version of KDE Plasma. You can download an older version of Kubuntu and install it, and it should work fine, if the older kernel supports your hardware.


Hi. Thank you for the information.

I now followed a guide here on installing the Win11 theme and tried to apply it to the Layan theme.

I installed the Kvantum theme and applied the Layan theme however some issues have occurred:

  • Start menu is still set to the default application launcher and I cannot find a “widget” for it like with the Win11 theme.
  • At certain positions the windows have a visible sharp edge (unless that’s normal).

Your compositor is disabled

I do not understand what that is but from the looks of it, it appears to be to do with transparency which works fine other than from the settings application which looks a bit glitched (the bottom of the settings page is the only element transparent).

(uploaded a new image as the above glitch is not visible).

You haven’t set the matching kvantum theme.

I have now.

You haven’t selected kvantum in System Settings->Appearance->Application Style.

This too.

You chose layan-solid instead of layan.

Checked and I chose the right theme.