Curious about respin/Distro

Hi guys

I have tried to make my own respin of EndeavourOS purely to have all my settings and packages ready ‘out-of-the-box’ but I only get a black screen. I haven’t really got a clue where to start so could someone please give me an ‘idiots guide’ to respinning. Also, I was wondering, if I wanted to make my own distro based off Arch, how would I go about it? Obviously I know I would need my own repo but I was wondering how it’s done.

Thanks in advance

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My first thought:


So - if this really is the question you’re asking (“How do I create a Linux distribution?”) then the answer is “start with lots of reading”.

Otherwise, look at things like



No, I want to know how to make a respin so my settings and packages are installed if I have to do a fresh install without running a script to install all the packages and then change all my settings.

It’s called a back up.

This is a more specific question. It looks like you have already found a way to do this:

so is the real issue actually with the tool you are trying to use (or the way you are trying to use it)?

I don’t know - I have tried using Archiso, altering all the packages in the profile, etc and it produces an iso but just doesn’t work. I tried making a respin of Garuda Linux but I had the same problem and I ended up wiping it and doing a fresh install of EndeavourOS. Then I had to download all my packages and change all my settings again.

Try starting here:

Change desired packages in this file:


and go for it :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! Thank you @keybreak

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and be aware of:

this is a list of packages that will be removed if you do an offline install…

Thank you for the heads-up, I appreciate it

there are other simple ways to do so, like backup a packages.list file and using gist to backup your personal configurations…


na hei if someone play with our ISo it could be the new next dev helping us to maintain the ISO :wink:

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I’d love to help out but haven’t really got the knowledge or experience. Perhaps in time