Creating a custom ISO, like manjaro tools?

Hey all,

I just switched over from manjaro. Great experience so far.
But what I have not found, is something like manjaro tools, where I can create my own customized Endeavour installation CD/USB stick.

Meaning I want to customize the ISO to my needs. Programms, configs, etc. Because this will make it way easier for me to get started on a new device, or install it for others without me needing to customize everything (again).

So does something like this already exists, or is it all done manually and if so, can someone point me in the right direction, of how I could achieve the same?

(another way of asking would be probably, what are the devs using to build and pack the endeavour ISO)

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EndeavourOS does this a different way - see here:

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And more comprehensive ways are also possible:


Penguin-eggs sounds like an awesome solution, I will try that out. Otherwise the normal build process does not look too complicated. Thanks guys.