Could a SSD installed on a laptop work in another one?

There are a few cases here:

SSD is installed and set up with endeavour os on a laptop with 7300hq and MX 150 , would it work on a 1135g7 laptop?

SSD is installed and set up with endeavour os on a laptop with 7300hq and MX 150 , would it work on a 3200g desktop?

I have tried it once between 2 different laptops and it kinda worked. It booted with errors but I was able to drop down to tty and update from there. After that was able to reboot and things worked. Both laptops were intel based. I guess its like flipping a coin.

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It should principally work, if the second laptop doesn’t need some particular driver for some exotic piece of hardware.

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If something would be missing, like the kernel for a zen AMD CPU in windows with update I would be able to download the extra software with windows updates

How would this work here ? It should be like a similar terminal command to add the Missing drivers

The Linux kernel comes with hardware support, that is, it includes the modules/drivers for the hardware if it is not absolutely “cutting edge” and not yet supported.

There might be some really old pieces of hardware that the Linux kernel has dropped support for. You may need to find the drivers for them in the repos, AUR or elsewhere.

So… if something is missing, would simply yay install it like windows updates would?

No. Updating the system with yay or pacman cannot install automatically what is missing in the system.
You would need to find out what is missing, what package provides it and install it yourself.

As an example, see this thread for somewhat of a similar situation.

pacman and aur helpers are not an intrusive programs like Windows Update. Window updates scans your computer steals your files sells the information to the highest bidder and has no regard for you, your family or your privacy.

Personally I would move the drive over to the other destination however I would format it and start it fresh. Since you will have drivers installed that are not meant for the new machine.

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