New Install Does Not have WiFi

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I’m attempting to install EndeavorOS on an old system so I can use it without too much fuss and learn a bit of computing and OS knowledge. However, I am running into a problem where the live install allows me to connect to my network and do an online install, but the actual install does not allow me to connect through WiFi, only Ethernet (which I don’t have access to at the moment).

Upon some searching, I found that I need to install a network driver called mwifiex, but I have yielded no results on how to actually install this driver.

Is there something I’m missing? How do I allow my system to connect to WiFi on the regular installation?

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It looks as if you would need to install:

Could you use the internet connection of your mobile phone by USB-tethering it?

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For the record, can you please show the output of command

lspci -k

Could you use the internet connection of your mobile phone by USB-tethering it?

I did not consider that as an option, but I’m quite inexperienced in how to do that. Is there a tutorial I could follow?

Also, would this be through pacman? Just copy-paste that package name?

Search the web for how to set up usb tethering.

When/if you get it woking, install the package:

sudo pacman -S linux-firmware-marvell

Reboot and see if you get the WiFi going.

Forgot the web existed for a second there, whoops xD

Restarted the system and it works, thank you for your help!

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Welcome! :smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Great! Glad you got it working!
Enjoy your EnOS system and now with WiFi connection!
And also welcome to EnOS’ community @zenzehn !

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