Copy-Paste in WPS office Not Working

When I’m trying to copy the WPS spread sheet content (image or text) in to a email(in browser or any other text editor) there is nothing happening. But If i copy from browser to WPS- Spreadsheet, it is working. (This issue is only having with Spreadsheet only) { Same thing happens in Ubuntu also} . Pls help here.

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What DE are you on?
And what language?

I’ve noticed long ago, that in some languages ctrl+c / ctrl+v is not working good on X11 due to some veeeeery old “security” related bug.

Try again when your language is set to english and see if it helps


I’m using Xfce, and the content is in English, and there are some images too. (Same issue I had in Ubuntu also(Gnome).

No i don’t mean content, i mean your system Keyboard layout

It’s English(US)

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Seems to be working fine in libre office.

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If that’s what i (still) think it is - it’s not any particular program problem, but system-wide…and pretty random

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Yes, absolutely working fine. (But I need to work with WPS)

Yes, But it works only very few times after I restarted the program again, but after several copy-paste, it stops. (I’m not any advanced linux user but can’t there be memory /clip board issue)


I just installed WPS on my machine in XFCE. Everything works as it should. What is your system? Is it a laptop?

This my keyboard layout.

Edit: has to be something with your system. Either installed language,. Keyboard or some other settings you have changed. (Shortcuts?) :man_shrugging:

No, It was the original keyboard layout an language. (Laptop)
Further, as advised this is not happening just soon after launching the app., It works some time and after several copy-paste this happens and sometimes it works. It may be a machine specific problem.

You didn’t mention what brand and model the laptop is. Is the installed system language set to English also?

Yes, It has set to English, Model is Lenavo-Thinkpad-T430.

I had the same problem with WPS (v11.1.0.10702-release) in Ubuntu 21.10 on, could not copy from WPS and paste in other app; copying-pasting inside WPS worked fine. Switching to Wayland has resolved the problem. Now, on wayland, I can not save files in Deepin-packaged Wechat windows client (uses wine). Oh well, can’t have it all :smiley: