Copy KDE plasma configuation to every system at home

I have more than one system at home.
I want to use on every system the same settings / configuration of plasma kde.

Is there an easy way to copy that from the first system to any other?

For kde, you could copy the .local/share directory, this is where kde settings are stored

I try this!

Thank you!

KDE Plasma’s configuration files are a bit scattered under your home directory.
You might want to have a look at this topic:

I have backed up my ~./conf and ~/.local/share directories. Also just some need for my fit

konsave is a really great tool for backing up Plasma Customisation

Here is how you can save and reinstall all your progs:

The parameter -q saves editing out the version numbers pacman -Qeq > list.txt for the command sudo pacman -Syu --needed - < ./list.txt


thank you for the konsave-link! that is exactly what I was looking for.

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Yeah, konsave is really great.
You’re welcome !