Backup my Plasma Session because of reinstallation

Hi guys,
i need help, a lot of i think :laughing:
after about two years of endeavouros plasma use i would like to reinstall my system.there is too much mess in the system i dont know how to get clean everything. i have installed a lot of programs, reinstalled them, tried them, made them and done but i also want to move my home partition to an internal ssd.

first i need a backup. i use grsync for my home folder on a external hdd. the first problem is now solved.

now we get to the more difficult part for me:
i have backup my /root/usr/share and /root/etc
my installed programs i have saved as a text file with pacman pacman -Qe > list.txt

the backed up files contain the most files i need like fstab and exportfs for my nfs server.

but how do i save all the files in virt manager? in which files are the surface settings of dolphin? is it recommended to use PIM Exporter?

so my question to all of you is: how do you go about reinstalling again?
many will say a reinstall is never necessary, others use different backup options.

i hope to learn something more about backup and and even linux file systems by asking these questions.

sorry, english is not my native language, i hope i have expressed myself understandably anyway

konsave is a good tool for backing plasma settings.

If you have a backup of ~/.config that will get most of your application settings. Just don’t restore the whole thing or you will probably be restoring all your problems too.

You need to save the vm definitions and the disks most importantly.

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this explains what the various plasma config files do


i already use it.

~/.conf is backed up

now it’s getting specific. where are these files located?

thanks a lot. that helps much!