Considering EndevourOS, some before questions I would love to know before installation


I wouldn’t say I’m new to Linux (been using it the last three years, mainly Manjaro Minimal KDE, but I’ve also been on POP!_OS), but I’m definitly still a complete newbie.

My reason for leaving Windows is mainly all the bloat stuff. I can’t stand having 400 extra apps and such I never wanted (or installed). The second one is privacy concerns.


  1. Is there something similar to a minimum install? So I get everything I need from the base packages and such (e.g. like system settings, network drivers, etc.), but maybe not stuff like Kate and such that I never use? From the videos I have seen the online installer seems to do something like I want. Would just like to confirm. :slight_smile:
  2. I haven’t managed to find a privacy policy for the distro, only for the website. Does EndevourOS collect any data from me while using the OS?
  3. How is it to set up for gaming? Stuff like Steam (using proton), and lutris, etc. On Manjaro I have run into some small problems with Lutris, so I assume I would run into the same ones, would like to hear if someone else has experience with this. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the help and have a good day/night and stay safe!

PS. I am comfortable with terminal for installing, removing apps, etc. I have so far never used the GUI for pamac or the pop-shop. :slight_smile: If that makes a difference.

// AtBios


A warm welcome AtBios, and many thanks for trying EndeavourOS! I’m going to try to answer your questions as best as I can. I’m no expert on the OS - all I can tell you is my experience.

In answer to #1: Yes there is. When you get to the screen that has what desktop you would like installed, you can select or deselect whatever you want.

In answer to #2: There is no collection of data at all. I don’t think the developers have that much time on their hands to do such a thing. They are more concerned on improving the OS, as are the rest of us who use it.

In answer to #3: This OS follows Arch to the letter. Consider this OS a graphical version of Arch (with a twist of course :slight_smile: . You can still use the Terminal if you prefer. It might be of your interest to read the following link on the ArchWiki just to be sure: It will give you a better idea on using Steam, Lutris etc.

The most of gaming that I do is play with an Atari emulator - Stella. I grew up during the Atari/Coleco/Activision/Nintendo days (the 1970’s and the 1980’s) so I’m more familiar with those games than the simulators of today. Not that there’s anything wrong with today’s games. The games of those days were easier to play, due to the limited ROM they had. I do find some games of today to be a little overwhelming for me - although I do like a really good flight simulator! Yeah I’m an old fart - what do you expect? :laughing:

Hopefully that does answer you questions. If the link doesn’t answer your question on the gaming aspect, it might be an idea to post that question in the gaming section of the forum. Just a thought.

Where I work on the front lines here in Canada (produce section of a local grocery chain), I’m not on here as much as I use to be. Many thanks for the good wishes! I truly hope everyone stays safe. This pandemic will be over in due time. You just have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope no one shuts off that light at the end of that tunnel. :laughing:


There is a minimal install of Arch Linux. That is Openbox which Endeavouros may include soon in their online installer. In the meantime, it is remarkably easy to install Arch Linux yourself and then add xorg, lightdm and openbox for a full functioning and very neat Linux operating system. The Arch Wiki explains all and just takes a little reading and perhaps some exploring.

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I do quite a lot of gaming on Endeavour.

Useful stuff includes xow ( Xbox One wireless controller dongle support ), DS4 support is baked in.

There’s also proton-ge-custom-bin for cutting edge game support for steam. Fortunately most of my game collection is on steam which makes life a lot easier.

I also use chiaki to access my PS4 over the network. In addition I use a few -git versions of emulators such as citra, rpcs3 and yuzu.

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Yes, you can choose to install only Base (without a DE) in netinstaller, which will install only these packages (listed under “Base-devel + Common packages”) and then add the rest you need manually once you log-in into a tty. It shouldn’t be a problem for you if you’re used to installing packages via a terminal :slight_smile:

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I think you will find endeavor just fine for steam gaming.

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If gaming does not work out of the box, just get it running. Should not be too difficult. No matter if it is steam or Lutris. Just imagine configuring kind of a foreplay or prelude. :wink:


There is certainly some ability to customize your install but when you install a DE you are still bringing in groups of packages. It is almost inevitable that there will either be things missing that you want, things included that you don’t want or both. The only way to get it perfect out of the box is to build an installer that has only your packages installed or to install a minimal system without a DE and install the DE yourself.

I would say it isn’t setup for gaming out of the box as some more gaming focused distro are. Of course, the Arch repos and AUR have virtually everything you need for gaming so you should be able to get it up and running fairly quickly as long as you know what you want and which packages to install. Don’t forget to install everything you need from a graphics library/driver perspective before you start.

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Is that an option in the installer? I think that’s what I’d like to do next time around, in favor of either herbstluftwm or openbox.

It has been a while since I used the installer, but I think it’s possible to do a minimal install without a DE. Anyhow, it’s not that complicated to remove a DE if you chose to do so.

As far as DM’s go I’m not much of a help, as I don’t use one myself, but there is bound to be one of the DM gurus around soon to guide you.

Yes, simply do not check any DE option.


If you want an install without a DE then you can do an online install and not select a DE/WM. This is easy and safe.

If you have the knowledge/experience to do so and want a truly minimal install you can also uncheck the “Base Devel + Common Packages” section and then only check off what you wish to install. At a minimum, you probably want efibootmgr and whatever you need to get your network working. I don’t really recommend this approach unless you know what you are doing because if you remove too much you can cause the installer to fail to install or leave yourself with a system so bare it doesn’t do much.


I would like to see that kind of a system , just for fun :wink:

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Uncheck everything in the installer except efibootmgr and enjoy. :nerd_face: