New user guide to EndeavourOS by elloquin

This post is intended for fresh users to EndeavourOS. Did you come here from windows? Did you come from another non Archlinux based distribution? Keep reading :hugs:

This is intended for users of AMD hardware both CPU and GPU.

Create your USB installer:
Use balena-etcher to create the installer. It works for both windows and linux but comes with some controversy over telemetry. Personally I find it ridiculous your other options are Rufus or dd. Please keep all limbs inside the ride you will be fine (use balena-etcher)

Install the OS: It’s time to get excited you are on your way to using linux :grinning::

This guide is not for dual operating systems (dual boot) but for a fully linux based install.
Boot the USB image you created. That sounds simple yes? It’s not :grinning:

This is where things go Archlinux as opposed to “linux”

You will need to access your BIOS (OMG WTF is that?) relax can you hit the del key during the boot process or another key based on the manufacturer of your hardware? If yes we are good to go :+1:

If you are still here :hugs:
You will need to disable secure boot in your bios. It it sometimes referred to as CSM.

Now that you are in your motherboards bios menu navigate to boot. (it’s pretty universal :laughing:) Select the USB image you created. There may be two the difference being one is marked partition two. (2)


If you are reading this you need to make sure you have the drive you plan on installing to isolated. Remove any additional drives other than the installation media and the target drive. (this will help if you have questions later).

Hi :laughing: so you have managed this much. You are doing great! At this point you should be booted into the USB installer. Welcome to linux :hugs:

You should see a welcome pop up.

Click the update application button.

Click the initialize pacman keys button.

Click the drop down menu after selecting install and pick online as opposed to offline. (trust me :hugs:)

Click the check box for Cinnamon (trust me :hugs:)

The installation takes about 8 minutes depending on harware and internet acess as it is a net installer.

Still here? :smiley:

Follow the prompts and welcome to linux :hugs:



Thank you for the effort you’ve put in this.


What is





One question: why?

I was searching something , and I read New user guide to EndeavourOS by elloquin " Never use guide to EndeavourOS by elloquin" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Forgot all about this…I’ll consider writing a new one for now this can be closed and removed.

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