Configure booting read-only snaphots with dracut


i came back to EOS. I try to setup booting snapshots from grub. So, i did what always worked for me. 1. yay -S snapper-support btrfs-assistant .
Then i have to configure grub-btrfs like this, because i can only boot read-only snapshots.
So, i have to
2. copy the overlay_snap_ro-install file to /etc/initcpio/install/grub-btrfs-overlayfs
copy the overlay_snap_ro-hook file to /etc/initcpio/hooks/grub-btrfs-overlayfs
3. Add hook grub-btrfs-overlayfs at the end of the line HOOKS in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
4. Re-generate initramfs - mkinitcpio -P

But since Cassini update, mkinitcpio was replaced with dracut and i dont know how to replicate this steps. I didnt find any info on Arch wiki, because i dont understand dracut. Can someone help me? thanks

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There is no such thing as “Cassini update”. Cassini is a new ISO image, from which you can install EndeavourOS. Typically, updating your system will not replace one program with another. Unless you’ve reinstalled your EndeavourOS using the new ISO, or switched to dracut manually, you are still using mkinitcpio.

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Maybe I expressed myself wrongly, but I’m installing fresh EndeavourOS with Cassini ISO, so i have dracut installed by default. I had previously Arch.

At one time grub didn’t exist either. Seems to me it was fairly recent. :rofl:

Keep using Arch, just add the endeavouros repo and convert your Arch to EndeavourOS. About a hundred times easier than reinstalling!

See this thread:

Despite the name, it is not GNOME specific.

To answer your question, grub-btrfs has recently committed support for overlays with dracut but it hasn’t made a release yet. The good news is that it is much simpler with dracut, it will just be a small change to a config file.

In the meantime, you have a few choices:

  • Boot the snapshots read-only until grub-btrfs support is added
  • Switch back to mkinitcpio
  • Patch support into grub-btrfs yourself temporarily by modifying 41_snapshot-btrfs by adding to kernel_parameters

I don’t recommend this unless you really know what you are doing. You lose all the settings we apply in the installer that way.

Yes, thank you for that information.

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