Configuration of Qtile in General and Screens

I am new Qtile and tried It out, because it is said, that the documentation is good and because it’s written in Python, which I use everyday.

Besides having a tiling manager I, want the bar to almost behave as on a normal Desktop.
So I added the following widgets to the bar:

  • PulseVolume
  • CPU
  • Wlan
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery

The problem are:

  • widget.PulseVolume(background="#2f343f") always shows wrong values.
  • widget.CPU(fmt=f"CPU {load_percent:4.1f} %",background="#2f343f", foreground="#9bd689") does nor use the trailing white spaces I hoped for, which makes the widget change it width.
  • Bluetooth and Wlan do not show anything.
    At least Battery seams to work as expected.

My aim for Bluetooth widget is to start a Bluetooth control gui, instead of using bluetoothctl (all the time^^), and something similar for wlan to start a gui that allows to connect to a network and VPN.

Besides the problems with the Bar I have some additional problem with Qtile. How do I auto start fcitx on Qtile.
The documentation states i3 and Sway users should add “exec --start-up-id fcitx -d” in the configuration files. What should I do on Qtile?

The next questions how to use an second screen on a laptop properly. The problem is: with xrandr I got the second screen working, but:

  • only when the laptop was started with the screen plugged in
  • no bar on the second screen
  • on a new start I to set up xrandr again
  • when I unplug the second monitor the mouse can be lost?
  • How do I set up to work automatically and that I can plugin the second monitor while the laptop is on?

Most function keys on the laptop do work, but I can not change the brightness of the display, which is Important for a laptop (saving energy).

So to sum it up, I do need to advice with the brightness setting, a second monitor config, autostart of fcitx and have some question about the QTile bar.