Do you anything about this package?

1 community/gamescope 3.11.22-2 (205.7 KiB 594.2 KiB)
SteamOS session compositing window manager


Nope. zero knowledge and experience :thinking:

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It is certainly interesting…although wayland…

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It also runs on top of a regular desktop, the ‘nested’ usecase steamcompmgr didn’t support.

  • Because the game is running in its own personal Xwayland sandbox desktop, it can’t interfere with your desktop and your desktop can’t interfere with it.
  • You can spoof a virtual screen with a desired resolution and refresh rate as the only thing the game sees, and control/resize the output as needed. This can be useful in exotic display configurations like ultrawide or multi-monitor setups that involve rotation.

That’s really cool (if it were supported) :rofl:

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Apparently it is targeted at steam deck.

Yeah, looking at the issues it’s still in a very raw form…
I guess it should be cooked little more :pizza:


This could be useful. Too bad it’s Wayland, so I have to choose between this and xeyes. Well, there is no choice really…


EDIT: Oh wait, it works on Xorg, too… Of course it does, everything works on Xorg, I’m just being silly!

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Gamescope is pretty great

I wouldn’t use it as a general session compositor unless you’re just doing steam big picture but on any X11 or Wayland session you can use it embedded to bypass the session compositor and use the vsync, upscaling, and present advantages gamescope has.

My old r7 260 system sees major benefits from it. I can run certain games in 1024x576 for example and upscale to 1080p without it looking awful :slightly_smiling_face:

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