Clowdy Words

As it is, facebook removed the Notes function from its platform at the end of October 2020 and left me without my lowbrow way to share my thoughts on various topics as I receive unction to speak. I didnt do a lot there but i have said what i think needs to be said, not that I think anyone really wants to hear it. I suffer no illusions or allusions of my thoughts being desirable by any one. However I am not a simple contrarian seeking attention either.

I chose to make a page and called it S’no F’lah Ke. Its facebook address is Clowdy Words.

If you used facebook notes previously, what have you replaced it with?

BTW, I don’t use Facebook. Instead I use Arch Linux. :frog:


Arch Linux - THE anti-social network © :joy:


I did get one follower on facebook. ahahaha more than i expected.