Clicking notification crashes the app?

Hi there! I have a rather strange problem… Whenever an app sends a notification, it pops up normally and shows the content of it as intended. But when I click that notification to open the app, the app will crash. Every single app does this when opened through a notification. For example Discord crashed with “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”, Whatsapp-nativefier crashed with “Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)”. I’m running EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma and Wayland. Is there something I could try to fix this?

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Do you have the same issue when using x11 too?



Didn’t even occur to me to test this with X11. I ran couple of tests just now and apps are not crashing under X11. So this seems to be Wayland related issue rather than KDE. :sweat_smile:

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KDE on Wayland is certainly an experimental experience. One of my first posts on this forum was on KDE Wayland. I gave up pretty quickly and went back to x11.

Also, mark my post as solution if it solved the issue

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I will look into switching back to X11. Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile:

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