Cinnamon not starting


I was a former Antergos lover. I just made a fresh install, xfce running flawlessly, but I am absolutely unable to start Cinnamon. This seems to be a different issue than

because the solution given can’t be applied in my case (I have polkit-gnome already and no “polkit-xfce”).
I really don not have anything particular in my .xsession-errors…

What could I do? Thanks!

Maybe this link helps: ?

i think in .cinnamon somewhere there is also a looking glass, mayby there is more info on cinnamon, and in software render mode does it work same ? i dont know behaviour of cinnamon , you can try add first start # in .xprofile before xcompmgr to look if its change the behaviour , mostly in journalctl -xe or -b should show… what it is