Chuwi minibook x n100

Sorry im a bit of a noob when it comes to new linux distros, im having some problems with the chuwi minibook and half the screen being black horizontally.

Its been suggest from reddit that to fix the issue you need to add


But all the posts reference grub which i believe eos isnt, its syststemd right? But im not sure where i need to add this entry/change it with systemd, can anyone point me?


Hello @Ezro ,
The short answer by dalto
You set the kernel options in /etc/kernel/cmdline
(You change the default kernel in /efi/loader/loader.conf by setting the default using wildcards)

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Thanks for replying eso, ok so ive set the option in cmdline, im not really sure i understand the wildcard thing in the loader.conf, might be abit out of my depth.

But i ran reinstall-kernels after editing the cmdline and so far so good i think its worked!

default line may contain * in a pattern to filter which kernel should be started (lts …) if timeout is 0 and you press d during startup

Im sorry im really confused, all i want to do is set intel_idle.max_cstate=1 somewhere.