Default kernel & kernel parameters with systemd-boot

Hi guys! Just installed EndeavourOS with systemd-boot (as recommended by the installer).
I would like to set zen kernel as default and add some kernel parameters. So after some googling I listed entries:

ls /efi/loader/entries

And added some kernel parameters into 6.1.4-zen2-1-zen.conf config file and set default using this command:
bootctl set-default @current

The problem is that these changes are not permanent. After updating the kernel, the names of the kernels change, new configuration files are generated.

Is there a good way to make these changes permanent?

Yes. Both those topics are covered in our wiki article. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

The short answer, described in the article more fully is:

  • You set the kernel options in /etc/kernel/cmdline
  • You change the default kernel in /efi/loader/loader.conf by setting the default using wildcards

@dalto, Shame on me for not bothering to look up the wiki. Thank you!

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Works like a charm


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