Chromium drag & drop to Dolphin not working in Plasma 6

Excuse me for the long title, I have no way of explaining my issue in a shorter way.

Ever since I updated to Plasma 6 (but I am not sure this is the issue, I was a few weeks behind on updates), I can no longer drag&drop images from my chromium (Brave) into Dolphin.
I thought this was a Dolphin issue, but I have no problem doing it with Librewolf.

What I suspect is happening:
For some reason, my chromium browser is not interracting correctly with the rest of my desktop environment. I have the theme with the three color dots for reducing, scaling and closing windows (picrel image ) but since that one update, my chromium browser no longer follows my computer’s theme, and instead has its own one (picrel image ).

So I am guessing that my drag&drop problem is likely linked. For some reason, my chromium is not correctly interracting with the rest of my system. I did search for bug reports and similar cases but found nothing, so I’m asking here.
If anyone has ideas for what I could try, feel free to suggest anything. I save a lot of pictures daily and having to right click / Save As / select folders is painfully long.

Thanks <3

I have Brave and Dolphin, and drag & drop works for me, but I am using a WM called Openbox at the moment.

This seems to be a Plasma 6/Wayland issue. If you don’t know what Wayland is, please see the thread below. In essence, you need to log out, select the x11/Xorg session, then log back in and you should be fine.

thanks a lot, that was indeed the problem!

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You’re welcome.

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