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Maybe there is a better forum to post this, maybe not. Have a Toshiba Chromebook that would like to install Endeavor or Debian so that can used without Wifi. Haven’t check if it is an ARM Chromebook or any of that yet.

Is is installing Linux on a Chromebook as simple as partitioning the drive and installing a Linux OS and GRUB in order to be able to dual boot?

It really depends on the Chromebook, e.g. if it’s an ARM-based Chromebook then you can’t just install EnOS in the normal way. A Chromebook also won’t dual-boot like a normal PC (generally, either you use ChromeOS so you get automatic updates etc. or you use Linux).

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Provided your device is not ARM-based, is a good start to get your hands dirty. In the section “Alternative OSes” you will find a overview of what is possible (maybe, depends on your device).


Thanks @jonathon @banjo

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I realize this is a few weeks old, but I wanted to chime in a bit. While it’s not Arch based, you should REALLY check out and get some information from the GalliumOS crowd. If your computer is compatible with the Coreboot (MrChromebox) firmware, you’re 99% there. The Gallium site has a listing of Chromebooks and their varying degree of compatibility. Realize that you’re kind of at the mercy of where everyone is at. After I updated my firmware (Acer Edgar 14), I was able to install Manjaro, although the keyboard still wasn’t perfect. For the BEST OOB experience, even not being Arch based, Gallium is a truly fantastic distro, especially if you like XFCE.

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This is specific to an Arch based install. I’ve bookmarked at the installation section but you should start reading from the top of the page from the beginning. There is a lot of information and no it’s not that simple. :wink:

Did you have any luck with seabios? And legacy boot is pretty old. To be honest, I do love the Arch wiki, but that feels very very basic and dated to me. I feel like it was written back in 2014 and no one has updated it since.

To check hardware compatibility and major bug issues with the kernel, you can check your specific model here:

Firmware info here:

Once the firmware is correct, basically any distro should install like normal. Make sure you choose the correct keyboard in installation (calamaris) though. I’ve never tried endeavour specifically, but Manjaro was great.

I did not have very good luck with crouton or chrix personally. But, for like $80 and installing gallium, I had a solid little travel computer that if it got destroyed in a drunken hotel bender or stolen from my rental car, I didn’t really care.

Deep down I still want to own a Google pixelbook. I just think they look so sleek I would have such a nice looking computer to go with my pompous attitude. It would just compliment me so well. There’s not really any good reason to spend something like $1000 on a Chromebook. I think it even comes with a complimentary monacle.

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I have a Lenovo 500e. I tried once installing Arch to replace the current debian based linux that runs on it in vm sandbox i guess? It worked but was a pain and i didn’t really like it so i did a factory reset. I would prefer to be able to install Arch normally without chromeOS period but i never bothered as i didn’t want to brick this 2 in one ChromeOS tablet/laptop chromebook.

Edit: I think this lenovo is a quad core celeron 3450? I’ll have to look.

I am glad Gallium OS was brought up. Although Arch is far preferable to anything Ubuntu centric, the goal is just to make a Chromebook useable like a normal laptop. Gallium OS seems like a keeping it simple solution. Are there any other Chromebook specific Linux distributions?

I do not believe there is an “Arch Chromebook centric” distro.

But after doing the Coreboot firmware update, the Chromebook keyboard is available as an option in the Calamares installer ( on Manjaro for sure, I never tried Endeavour and I no longer have a Chromebook, but I’m 99% sure it’s there) so if I were me, I’d install Endeavour and whatever DE you want -avoiding i3 and keyboard centric DE’s since they will all be worthless key bindings for your keyboard.

I had really good luck with both Manjaro KDE and XFCE on mine. And you can be Arch based.

But I will admit, gallium felt like it was ever so slightly better. But that’s too be expected from a Chromebook only distro.

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Galium OS installed with chrx works great! Fairly easy. Thanks!

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