Chrome Users Beware: Manifest v3

On the bright side, hopefully when people’s ad-blockers stop working as-is in chrome-based browsers, they’ll move to Firefox again…

No, scratch that, Mozilla have said they’re going to adopt Manifest v3 as well, in order to “aid cross-browser compatibility”

:roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

Literal open goal left begging.

I don’t think chrome users care, to be honest. The people who do care about this stuff have long since moved to a Chromium fork or Firefox, and their numbers are so small their voices will never be heard.

At this point I’m quite certain Goolag could banish ad blockers and shove even more ads in the face of their users without seeing a significant drop in users. Does your average Chrome user even use an adblocker? My non-tech savy friends do not, and to be honest, most of them probably don’t even use Chrome that much - internet to them has moved to applications (i.e. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram).

As for your point about Firefox, well, you either follow the big dogs or you’ll be left out. If Google set a new standard, developers will adapt to make sure their sites are accessible in Chrome. If Mozilla do, I’m not sure developers would bother. But perhaps I’m wrong on that point, one can hope.

The difference is that Chrome will force the new API and Firefox won’t.

Mozilla also tend to do a better implementation of this kind of stuff. Whilst I’m not a fan of MV3, we have seen similar outrage before. It wasn’t too long ago Mozilla introduced a new framework for web extensions and users were calling for their heads because extension capabilities would be limited, and whilst I’m sure some addon developers called it quits, most of the popular addons seem to have transitioned fine.

The change is in Chromium, it will likely impact all chromium-based browsers.

For a Chromium-based browser to not be impacted, they would not only have to maintain all that code themselves, but they would have to have their own extension store and convince extension authors it is worth their time to maintain separate versions of extensions just for that browser.

Yes, that is why I included the bit about them being an irrelevant minority.