Chris Titus made an Automated Arch Install

He has successfully made a script to install Arch automated. It’s not minimal.


archtitus is another distro now. :speak_no_evil:


Yep, it’s good for people who find it difficult to get vanilla Arch running.

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No turkeys. Gobble gobble :frowning:


Except for the fact that a bunch of other arch installers already exist that seem generally superior to that one…


Can’t wait for everyone who installed arch with this script to start posting/asking for help on the arch boards :rofl::rofl::rofl:. The best reason to use an arch based distro like endeavour instead of vanilla arch is the support forums



Where do you think Endeavour devs and forum helpers get the advice they give mainly from the arch wiki and forums, Without the help of arch keeping their forums clean EnOS would not be hear, Just be grateful for arch support

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Like …EndeavourOS! :wink: :star_struck:


No need to fight about Arch or it’s support. We all know that. There is a difference between keeping clean and being rude.


Looks very Endeavour

You mean Endeavourish? :upside_down_face:


I think arch support is fantastic its just they have zero tolerance for newbs. Any script that makes arch install easier is great but I’m not sure where these users would go for support apart from reddit

The thing is most people there have forgotten that once they have been in the same shoes. No one will be an expert overnight. And people do ask the same question or something available in the WiKi. Because not everyone is so keen on reading a wiki or sometimes searching. Most of the time some people don’t know how to search properly (except porn).

If some group maintains a forum for support then it has to be more tolerant than what Arch forums resemble. The way most people help there drives newcomers away and it helps the bad ideology of Linux users is rude. Which is not true.

Anyway this thread is about Chris’s video not about Arch and it’s fprums. :smiley:


Arcolinux nicely implemented the usage of scripts to create an arch iso installer and arcolinux tools can easily be added/removed for a more vanilla experience. It’s pretty cool tool.


Annnnd not so much. Close though!

I’m glad he made this? I guess. I still can’t imagine using anything other than Arch(fi). It just works so well.

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I’m loving this. Might have to test it out on my other M.2 since there is nothing on it. I’d suggest for those that have Snap packages they use to install the Snap store and for Flatpaks just download the particular Flatpak and install it via the terminal. Of course make sure you have the backend for both these installed if they aren’t.

One question though he didn’t say what file system and if it has a swap partition.

Titus is doing great work for the community.

EOS installer is still much better, imo, just because of its GUI.

That’ll be a light crowd around here. That’s the best part of the AUR.

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“archinstall” does all that, no?

One thing I don’t understand is why do the youtuber’s need to shit on other project/distro to promote theirs?