Choices, choices

Hi all,
I’m in the market for a new PC and have narrowed my choices down to two which of course have AMD graphics cards. I’d love your thoughts on these and hope it will help me decide which to go for. By the way, I’m buying it from this place because they are daft enough to give me credit.

They are:
HP OMEN 25L Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 7, RX 6600 XT, 1 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD


PCSPECIALIST Tornado A5X Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 5, RX 6600 XT, 2 TB HDD & 512 GB SSD

Of course EndeavourOS Plasma will be the first thing that gets installed. :enos_flag:

I’m not a gamer, so probably shouldn’t be giving recommendations, but if it was me, I’d go with the HP OMEN with the Ryzen 7.

Every prebuilt pc you can find on the market mostly all suffer from the same thing, insufficient cooling. Best is to build it yourself but during these days of GPU shortages that is easier said then done.

Hee, this is not wisdom but rather prejudice and opinion. I dislike buying from the major manufacturers, and HP especially because I used to work there. I always felt that the mass marketers were usually sub-quality for your money.
I also think buying components is more likely to lend you a quality construct, but with the chip shortage, I’m not sure how hard that would be.

As well as bad PSU and questionable upgrade path. So my vote goes to building yourself.
Between the two they are very similar so whatever you choose you would get similar experience.
Ryzen 5 have slightly better single core perfomance and is generally better for gaming.
Ryzen 7 have 2 more cores and 4 more threads but reduced cache which again can lead to worse gaming perfomance. Adding that you already have a dedicated gpu it’s probably pointless to buy a amd G CPU, because there is no need for integrated one.

If you are using a GPU, I would go with the 5600X over the 5700G for most applications.

The 5700G has more cores but they stripped some of the PCIE lanes to support the on-board graphics. Probably more importantly, it is PCIE 3 vs the PCIE 4 with the 5600X. The 5600X also has twice the cache.

Unless you are doing something where you are working every core, the 5600X should be slightly faster in most workloads.

That being said, is it worth the extra 200 euros? That is up to you.


I think they are fairly matched up. Same memory and graphics card. Both are B550 boards. Both processors are 65 watt. Where the difference comes in is the 5600X has Pci-E 4 and more cache. Plus you are getting more drive size on both drives. Either one is decent. I think 5600X would a good choice if it’s worth the extra money to you but either one i don’t think is a bad choice.

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From my (limited) experience of pre-builds, large OEMs like Dell and HP may have OEM-specific design features that limit upgradability. PC Specialist is more of a traditional builder which will use off-the-shelf components, so maintenance and upgrades will be far easier.

I don’t know if this HP will have the same “features” though.


That’s it in a nutshell too Jonathan. Each batch differs based on available components…so…you never know. It’s often what’s cheapest today.

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Have bought PCSpecialist for years, but I don’t find their prices that competitive at the moment :frowning:

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Yup, definitely worth comparing against a DIY build.

If you’re going to go OEM, I’d suggest staying away from HP computers due to bad experiences.

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Another option is Ebuyer, they used to be down the road from me in Sheffield, but they moved. They are just box shifters and I haven’t bought from them in a while:

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Thanks @dalto ,the fact that the 5600X has those things going for it has swayed me to the PCSpecialist model and also as @ricklinux said more memory on each drive.
I hear you other folks loud and clear in regards to HP and the like, I’m not keen either to be honest but just wanted to see if maybe I was missing something.
@xircon I previously had a (albeit more budget priced) Alphasync gaming PC from ebuyer, I would have gone to them again but sadly they aren’t as generous with credit as the other supplier.

I priced it out to buy the parts and do it yourself depending on the make of graphics card and whether you can get one is around 2300-2500 Cdn or more as i didn’t include Windows and depends on the video card. I priced RX 6600 and RX 6600XT. They have only one the RX 6600 in stock @649.00 and they have some RX 6600XT in stock @ 969.00 There are some also in between prices but no stock. So in all honesty you’d probably be looking at $2500+ CDN or there about with our taxes. Could be a little less. This is all name brand high quality also. It won’t be cheaper that much i can tell you. Gives you an idea for comparison anyway. Windows is $158.18 with tax. EURO is 1.44 CDN

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That’s very interesting, thanks Rick. As far as building my own rig goes, yes one day but I am also hoping that one day AMD GPUs aren’t priced like unicorn poo. If that day comes I will go all out and get a real top end card.

Actually (and sadly) aren’t AMD GPUs just about as mythical as unicorn pooh these days? I haven’t seen any in-stock lately (don’t look often).

Here these prices are regular prices and not gouging or ripping people off. They are the normal pricing and when stuff is on sale sometimes you can save a little. But mostly this is pretty accurate. Like i said I’m not pricing the cheapest thing you can get. Name Brand parts.

case 110.00
memory 89.99
graphics 649.00-969.00
cpu 359.00 (Includes Fan & Heatsink)
pwr supply 139.99 (750 Watt)
HD 2 TB 57.99
SSD 500 GB 64.99
Case fan RGB 24.99
Windows 139.99
Motherboard 209.99
Taxes 13%

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Maybe even more mythical hehe I’m in the UK and there is a sprinkling of them on Amazon and ebay but all at insane prices.

Awesome, thanks Rick. Damn those cards are pure currency nowadays. What a mess.