Changing WM

I’m trying to change the standard window manager for a tiling one, but I can’t find any plasma-kwin.service or similar to mask using systemctl list-unit-files… where is it?

In the user space.

systemctl list-units --user | grep -i kwin

Can’t KWin tile?

Kwin can do very good tiling with the kwin-bismuth package (AUR).


Like a baby tiling WM :rofl: :wink:

Maybe with bismuth is better, but I haven’t really tested it.

Bismuth is awesome and you should definitely try it out before changing out kwin. You may find it works very well for you.


This is what I was getting at. Even though I don’t use KDE I do remember its tiles nicely.

Ok, I’ve found it… but now, how can I mask it? Searching in this way does’nt permit to mask/unmansk the service as usually as searching a service with systemctl list-unit-file…

You can mask or disable with systemctl.

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I know, but searching it as petsam said does not work if try with “systemctl mask [name.service]”.

Please provide terminal input and output.

You have to use @petsam’s command to find the service name. And then use that service name to run your masking command.

  1. systemctl list-units --user | grep -i kwin
  2. Output is the service name. Which is plasma-kwin_x11.service.
  3. Now use sudo systemctl mask plasma-kwin_x11.service.
  4. To unmask sudo systemctl unmask plasma-kwin_x11.service.

This should do the trick. If that’s what you wanted to know.

This is what I get doing things on this way:

Unit plasma-kwin_x11.service does not exist, proceeding anyway.
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/plasma-kwin_x11.service → /dev/null.

I don’t use KDE. I was just describing what you could have tried. Also, I don’t think disabling KWin is a good idea on KDE. Because KWin handles more stuff in KDE than just windows. Which includes composting. But if you really want try one of the below links.

I do agree with the guys who recommended Bismuth for KWin. Without ripping off a very integrated part of KDE which might break the entire DE. Bismuth is available in the AUR. There’s three packages.

  • kwin-bismuth - Current stable.
  • kwin-bismuth-bin - Precompiled binary release.
  • kwin-bismuth-git - Latest git releases (release candidate releases).

I installed bismuth and it seems it works better than khronkite… anyway I would to disable kwin for another compositor (hyprland).

I’m using stable and it works well. I only have the occasional hangup, but it’s only with Konsole and a web browser.

Bismuth is a fork of the no longer maintained krohnkite script.

Although I’m also very sure it’s a kwin script still, so if you change kwin,I would very likely expect it to no longer work.

Probably it is. But Hyprland is both a compositor and windows manager like i3wm but it is wayland based. The only issue is that with nvidia cards it consumes more than other video cards (something like 70w)…

Well, so is default KWin. It also supports Wayland as I’ve heard. Anyways, it’s your system. You’re free to do whatever you want with your system. We are just trying to save you from a headache.