Changes in Arch "base" distribution

This topic has arisen of late with Arch Linux News:

It looks like no kernel or text editor will come with the base installation. I can’t speculate as to why this change was made - seemingly just means users will have to jump through a couple of extra hoops to get vanilla Arch working in a usable way (no kernel by default? no editor, not even VI?). Anyway I am curious as to how this might affect downstream distros like Endeavour with what/what not to include with their ISO’s. What, if any, editor(s) will be available with Endeavour by default? What kernel(s) might be offered initially to the users at install time? Just curious.

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Thanks. I hadn’t seen this yet.

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Net-installer on hold

it would be nice if they published what the delta between the two was just for make it simpler for people

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