Net-installer on hold

We’ve tweeted it and we’ve received already some reactions.


It’s nice that you won’t release it until you feel everything is ready.


Maybe you could let it slip out the back door so some of us can test it ?

I have the impression that you are working together with the RebornOS devs.

When everything has settled down, we will do that. If we do it now, we can’t do anything withyour feedback.

No, we don’t.

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AndreasDimo, as far as I can see, they have a different philosophy there…to integrate everything possible (from AUR), while endeavouros wants to stay as close to the original as possible.

Right now it’s also about netinstaller images. There you still use cnchi, here (like more and more other distributions at the moment) calamares. How should a cooperation, i.e. mutual help, look like?

I dont know. I am just saying the impression i have. Guess it was wrong

It was just a rhetorical question. :sunglasses:

More people with different goals do not mean the solution. Apart from that RebornOS does not offer any netinstaller images.

And what does it offer?

Thanks for letting us know, you can only work so hard

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This is extremely sad news, but thank you for the transparency!

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Isn’t Cnchi a netinstaller?

It is. But it was never tagged as a stable installer.


The cnchi-based installer of RebornOS works without problems.

Take the opportunity to greet and wish all of you an excellent future.

By RebornOS: Rafael Costa Rega (Developer)


Nobody (ok, maybe w/o FredBezies :wink: ) said anything else here either (antergos has also bet on cnchi…but this hasn’t always been error-free, e.g. in 18.9). But that’s not the point. Endeavouros doesn’t use cnchi, but calamares. Therefore already diffuse ideas of a cooperation in this regard end technically.

Hi Rafael,

How are you doing? I recently visited the website and it looks great.


My post was only in response that you axt said that RebornOS did not have an online installer. To get you out of doubt, we do have it, and it is based on cnchi, and it does work for us. I said nothing about a collaboration with EndeavorOS. It is only for you to be informed.

How are you Bryanpwo? Here visiting you, and congratulating you again for such a good working group that you have formed. I hope you can excuse my English, but it is not my native language. You have a very good website! I’m glad you liked our website. To continue spreading Linux!

Best regards!



No. I said:

Netinstaller images as opposed to (“full”) live images, because that’s what this thread is about (a netinstall image is being planned, but currently it has been postponed).

Or do I overlook something? :wink:

Netinstall images are much smaller (so I prefer this - in the IT service I also use other live images every day, mostly to save “important” but unsaved files in crashed Windows installations of customers).

For an example antergos, the endeavouros predecessor, 961 MiB vs. 2.2 GiB (both still far too much). Or do we take siduction (debian sid based), noX 671 MiB vs. monstrous 2 - 2.6 GiB depending on DE. Or debian*netinst-amd64.iso 335 MiB vs. 3 (!) images in DVD size.

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Feel free to use an installer which was working half of the time since it was born back in 2012. At least, working half of the time for me. Sorry for having known and played with something called CinnArch back in 2012 :smiley:

I just tried RebornOS and i couldn’t get past clicking on the first entry which is language. After that the next click locked up cinchi and it won’t proceed. Tried it numerous times. So it’s not working for me on my Uefi system with Nvidia trying to install it on v-box.

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I can’t reproduce your problem. My only explanation for this issue would be that you didn’t provide enough RAM, 2GiB is required for a successful installation, the default 1GiB isn’t even enough for the live system without Cnchi.
If you want to use 3D acceleration then the display adapter has to be set to VBoxSVGA.