Certain programs are slow to start after a big update (Budgie)

After updating my system about two weeks ago, I noticed certain GTK programs such as Nautilus, file-roller, and the calculator along with others like Firefox and Thunderbird have been slow to start (for example, the calculator takes upwards of 25 seconds to start), and I can’t figure out why. I assume it’s an issue with a GTK component, but I don’t know where to begin to diagnose the problem.

Sounds like this might be a xdg-desktop-portal performance issue that many are hitting. See:


That did the trick! Is there a bug tracker issue or forum post that goes over why this issue is happening? I’ve never had an issue like this before.


Apparently, it can happen on both, Gnome and KDE, commonly when flatpak is installed. :wink:

If one is in need of any xdg-desktop-portal (for varying reasons, see link) a current, recommended workaround is using xdg-desktop-portal-gtk instead of the Gnome or KDE versions!


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If I am not mistaken, all the reported cases on the forum have been about non-GNOME DE:s.

That’s what it says in the Gitlab’s link posted as well.

No issues with slow launch of applications on my end with GNOME, flatpak and xdg-desktop-portal-gnome.

Good for you. :heart:

That is not the relevant part of my post but this is:


Sorry if I don’t entertain an all-seeing-eye. It did happen to me on KDE and I was only trying to be helpful to the many… :wink:

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That’s surely very appreciated.
But this issue seems to hit non-GNOME DE:s as in your case in KDE. So your assertion that:

is only partially true. Just wanted to point that out.

Keep up the good work!
Au revoir!

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I stand corrected, as I’m not using Gnome currently at all!
It happened to me on Budgie, too… :blush:


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