Celebrating by Sharing My Experience

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I owe you all here for everything.
I am celebrating today 3 months on EndeavourOS after distrohopping for a year.
Celebrating as well 2 months on BTRFS, Snapshots, booting to earlier versions… etc.
Celebrating as well 1 month without Grub issues.

Surprisingly the above three all took place on the 8th and 9th of the three months.

Just in hope it will be useful to everybody, I will summarise my experience (after distrohopping for a year).

  • I settled on EndeavourOS for 2 reasons. The first the community is wonderful, the second I found Arch based distros are the best, and EndeavourOS the best of the best.
  • I started with EXT4, but decided to enjoy the benefits of BTRFS (snapshoting and booting to earlier snapshots.) On BTRFS I had an issue that Baloo does not play well with BTRFS, sorted out here Make Dolphin Use Recoll "kio_recoll" Installed , so now everything working smoothly.
  • We all had an issue with Grub sometime ago and thanks to all of you here I could sort it out by creating a hook that automagically fixes Grub whenever there is an update. (1 month now multiple daily updates and everything is working as it should) I hope this thread would be useful. Grub Hook to grub-install and grub-mkconfig?
  • Finally, though it is up to you, I second the recommendations by the experts here to better install and use the LTS kernel if it works OK with your machine.
  • Something not that important but I enjoyed it. (I know some may see it nonsense) but I could change the default Grub boot screen/image to my choice. How I changed Grub Screen
    I hope with this post/thread I have contributed my experience so new commers can enjoy more our wonderful EndeavourOS

I hope I will have more experience I can share. And hope this helps someone.