Celebrating 1 Month BTRFS and 2 Months on EndeavoursOS

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Exactly on the first day in August I reinstalled EndeavourOS with BTRFS (after settling on EndeavourOS a one more month earlier.)

So, I am celebrating 1 month BTRFS and almost 2 months Endeavour, and celebrating stopping distrohopping for almost a year!

I am writing this post specifically to thank all of you for the wonderful job you are doing and giving us EndeavouroOS, and giving us this wonderful community.

Just to summarise my experience:

  • I am on KDE Plasma
  • I disabled Baloo completely as it is very problematic with BTRFS (I have lots of files I need to search within)
  • I was persistent that I wanted BTRFS and file content search.
  • The help I got from all of you here and everybody at Make Dolphin Use Recoll "kio_recoll" Installed - #66 by limotux made it possible.
  • The alternative to Baloo was Recoll which I can use now as explained there to search file content from Dolphin.

I am enjoying and never felt better with any Linux Distro or community since I started Linux since 2000.

The best distro, the best community.
Again, I feel at home.

Thank you all for everything.