Cant start XFCE4 graphical interface

I downloaded blender from aur then a window appeared says “Restart” (It was not a virus or something it was a regular one) my computer restarted then it started in a terminal but just with a “_”. Then i pressed Alt+F1 and i saw arch starting letters i waited 10-20 minutes but nothing happened. Then i tried Alt+F2, i wrote my infos i wrote startxfce4 but it said “no screen found”. I rebooted it for 3 times but nothing changed.
(Also I customized my computer according to linuxscoops videos but i think this is not the problem because i rebooted it before this bug and i wasn’t have any bug )

(Sorry for my bad English what i mean with said is what’s written on the screen)

It sounds like your DM(Display Manager) is failing to start.

How did you do this specifically?

Were there any driver or lightdm changes in there?

No i didn’t touch to lightdm. I just downloaded some packages (gimp,krita,blender,minetest) from official software downloader

Which one?

That is not how you start xfce…

What does systemctl status lightdm show.

It was wrong picture

This is the bug

I wrote startxfce4 btw

Software download and remove it comes with arch

It would be super helpful if you could answer the actual questions I am asking.

Please share the output of the following:

systemctl status lightdm
inxi -Fxxxz
sudo pacman -Syu

That is probably pamac and it doesn’t come with Arch or EndeavourOS.

No its not pamac its an app.

Did you want your picture posted on the internet?


I dont but i have to because i can use a screenshot program

You still haven’t provided the information I asked you for which is what we need to help you.

I was opening my pc. It is really slow.
This is systemctl …

This is inxi…

This is sudo

It could be you have accidentally uninstalled your lightdm greeter or misconfigured lightdm settings, if not a video driver problem.
Post more info

inxi -Faz
pacman -Qs lightdm
ls /etc/lightdm/
grep -v "^#" /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
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I deleted it before at once but then i reinstalled it and it was like 1-2 days ago. Also i downloaded programs like pamac, plank, vs code, pycharm i changed my wallpaper but nothing else

Also as i said this is not the Alt+F1 one it looks like this