Can't run Pi4 (ARM) Installer

I just installed the Arm image on my SSD from EndeavourOS then hooked it up to my Pi 400 and ran the installer. No issues with the installer. Of course for the Pi 400 with the external SSD hardware I’m using which by i mean the enclosure require me to edit the commandline.txt and add a quirk for the usb storage device in order for it to boot. I suggest you run boot on Pi OS and make sure the firmware and bootloader is updated on the Pi then set it to boot from SSD and try the EndeavourOS Arm installer.

Well I tried everything as I mentioned. Flashing from Artemis following guide, on both an SSD and an SD card, then when that didn’t work I used the script method on both… To no avail always boots to desktop with nothing working double clicking on all icons does nothing… Seems to me like permission issue… As to why it’s happening it’s beyond me…

Am at a loss just wanted to test EOS for fun I have no use for Pi either way it’s a useless device for me… Thank you all for trying to help…

Just for grins and giggles, maybe you could take a look at this:

and see if this stripped down version works for you. Plus it makes a nice NAS if you don’t already have one.


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Nahh am not into that stuff… I have a whole desktop PC with over 200TB of storage for my stuff… I also have an HTPC with Manjaro + Plex Server… Am good on all fronts have total of 5 soon 6 Desktops… Pi4 useless… Maybe one day PiHole who knows… Right now letting it catch all the dust in my office…

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