Cant Install with Custom Swap Root And Home partition

Hi first i wanna say im new to linux anyway.
Im coming from default arch and on that install i had a 1gb Fat32 partition a 96GiB swap a 35GiB root and a 1.7 TiB home. But when i set that up on endeavouros when i restarted my pc and went to find the boot manager it just wasnt there the USB was so i booted back into the USB. Once i was on the liveuser for the USB I went and looked in the file explorer and i found that the partitions were created and had data in them but i just cant boot to the boot partition. Right now i just installed by wiping my whole disk but i dont want to have my root and home together and want a much larger swap so i want to reinstall with the setup i said at the start but as i said when i try to do that it just doesnt boot.

Sorry if the issue is super easy and im just missing something as said im new to linux

I just realized i never showed what i did
so for the 1gb boot partition i did

Then for for the swap i did

Then for the root dir i did

For my home dir i did

I left about 400 GiB for dual booting windows till i can set up my second GPU for VMing
For the boot section i also tried

A few things:

  • Make sure you booted the ISO in EFI mode. If systemd-boot is one of the options on the bootloader screen you are in EFI mode, if it is missing, you are not.
  • The EFI partition should be mounted at /efi for systemd-boot or /boot/efi for grub
  • Don’t set the bios-grub flag for the EFI partition
  • You don’t need to set the root flag on any partition

for UEFI you need flag boot and flag esp
see this

That isn’t how the installer works. In the installer, you select boot as the flag.