Can't install Brave browser

I ran this command sudo pacman -S brave and I am not able to install it it keeps not finding it. I did run a full system update/upgrade still nothing.

error: target not found: brave This is the error I get. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Also my frined who also runs Manjaro he could donwload brave using the same command as mentioned above; why is it not working on my system?

Use yay, Brave is in the AUR and not in the Arch repo.

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Manjaro puts a lot of software in their repos that Arch does not. As you found out one of those things is the Brave browser (much to the dismay of several Manjaro forum members.). This leads to Manjaro repos being bloated by Arch standards. Manjaro also modifies several apps before placing them in their repos (octopi is one). Many would say that manjaro is based on Arch , but is only Arch-like, while EndeavourOS is closer to pure Arch.

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Right (these are weighty reasons why in arch-forums is given no support for arch-based). In this case the threadstarter has certainly confused pacman and pamac.

Recently you can install it in Manjaro as snap as well. :rage:

Isn’t this a good thing though if they are putting more apps in the repos?

What do they specifically modify in their apps?

Yes true but didn’t the Manjaro team just install a bunch of different packages and add repos ontop of Arch Linux?

Sorry bro I don’t quite get you.

No. More apps = more support.

Don’t know. Ask Manjaro.


@unix_lover install the brave-bin package, because the brave package hangs up and doesnt install.

I will never trust a browser which relies on ads…


It say’s a browser that stops ads and tracking by default? I installed it and it wants you to watch their private ads to earn rewards. Hmm? I want ad free…tracker-less! I’ll stick with the real Firefox!

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What is wrong with having more support?

Oh ok sure

Oh ok sure mate, but what is the difference between brave and brave-bin?

I don’t think it relies upon ads, like how does it reply upon ads?

But you don’t have to opt in to earn rewards if you don’t want to, I didn’t opt in at all.

Nothing’s wrong with having more support if it’s available. With non-commercial endeavors, support is via volunteers. The main support staff have their hands full. Nice-to-have-software volunteers are hard to come by, usually only support what they are interested in, and may not be long term. The linux landscape is littered with orphans.

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I am using yay but how come it doesn’t require root password but pacman does?

It doesn’t ask for your root password at start but it asks for it after it compiled the package to install it on your system. (depending on how many packages an app has, it sometimes asks for your password twice) That’s why it is vital to stay near your machine when running Yay, otherwise you might end up not having the package/app installed.


@unix_lover i dont know the difference, but the brave-bin package works perfectly.

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brave -> you have to build it from source code.
brave-bin -> you’re using a binary version (ready to be used) and repackage it in archlinux format.


In a sense, this project is somehow connected with FF…