Can't access my system

Up to date Linux Kernel
After grub i get a black screen with a single underline in the top left corner and it stays this way until i force-shutdown via pressing the powerbutton.
When I do so it says “failed to wait for network to be configured” for a second. As I usually use wifi I connected my laptop to LAN with no result whatsoever.
I really need help, this has also happened at my last install at the second reboot, so I made another one 3 days ago. I’ve seen posts of others having this problem at shutdown and it was systemd-networkd.service but I can’t even access anything except grub.
Thank you for your help, I am really despaired and I need my system.
Can boot into tty, can install updates

Welcome @wolframen

Is this a joke? :astonished:

No it is certainly not

Ok, I mean what you say, which one is misdirected and for clarification:

Ethernet (rj45 tab) → cable modem internet

WiFi → wireless internet

Oh, sorry, I mean LAN of course, also thanks for the welcome

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Thank you!

3 questions:

  1. DE?
  2. DM?
  3. GPU + Driver?
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2 LightDM
3 Optimus Nvidia geforce 940MX with 450.57 driver, optimus set up to nvidia preffered according to the arch wiki
also i dual boot with windows 10

I would really like to but sadly I can’t access the command line or don’t know how to as I am stuck with a black screen after grub

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if you have USB iso , boot on live
and go in chroot on your disk to get & paste log
sudo arch-chroot
… commands

See if the machine will let you do this:

CTRL + ALT + F2 → enters a black TTy screen with login → type your username +Enter and your password +Enter and then type startx → in lowercase all.

I’m sorry but could you go a bit more in depht about what I have to do? I am now on a live iso

failed to set IOPL for I/O (Operation not permitted)
Could not find provider with name modesetting
xinit: connection to xserver lost

if you can login on tty2 you can plug lan cable and update system again first, may nvidia drivers are not even with kernel. sudo pacman -Syyu

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I did that, no effect
i now saved the systemd log to a txt file in my home dir. how do I pastebin it?


does it install updates?
I would reinstall kernel and nvidia drivers + rebuild kernel images and grub.cfg:
sudo pacman -S linux linux-headers nvidia
sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg