Can you re-arrange the system tray icons?


It’s a minor thing, but I’d really like to move the media player in the system tray to the other side of Steam but can’t find a way to do so.

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What have you tried so far?

This won’t be the most helpful post in the world but I would share that I am not aware of way to do that. I can’t definitively say it isn’t possible, but I have never seen anywhere you could change the order.

You can choose which icons are and aren’t displayed, but not the order.

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Sorry, should have listed that first. Click and drag doesn’t seem to do anything and there isn’t an entry for their order when editing the system tray.

No worries, thank you for the response! I didn’t think there was but I thought I’d check to see if someone had found a way.

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It’s impossible with default plasma, however there’s tweaked system tray widget you can replace default with…I’ll try to find it

P.S. Oh, and it’s not minor :scream: :laughing:

Nope…sorry that fork i knew before seems to be gone, i think it’s too hard to support such thing :frowning:


In System Tray Settings → Entries what happens if you always hide all applets, then always show them one by one?

I think they used to appear in the order they were enabled with the old System Tray, not sure if the newer one shipped with 5.20 still does.


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