Can we have the choice of an unbranded desktop background?

I would like to have an option to download the background picture for Atlantis / Cassini / Galileo / Chang’e (or whatever the next one is named) without the branding.

Reason is that I have a Conky cockpit running, and all the time, the logo interferes with parts of it. I found an unbranded one for Atlantis but had to use something else for Cassini.

I do like the choice of image. Especially the upcoming one for Galileo looks great. But the logo gets in my way, so I would love to get the choice to upload a ‘stealth’ image without it.

you can always edit the picture ?

This is the same as using a different picture. The edited one doesn’t look that good, I am no graphics wizard.


Hey Joe,

Any ideas on which github we could file a feature request to get the background images (without branding) so end users can choose? Seems to be a simple enough request to have it include both branded and unbranded wallpaper in the final ISO build?

This is the one I found:


:enos: :rocket:

It may sound simple, but our dev team is small. Even, at the moment we don’t have a regular image creator.

I cannot stress enough that any help is more than welcome and with you knowing this fact, community help on such requests can be the solution.

For instance, with this request you can easily post the image over here with the request if someone can help you out.

I know this might sound strange, but there is a reason we didn’t release a major release this year. Cassini was released in December '22. Life was a bit more demanding this year for the entire team :wink:


me also not :slight_smile: just gimp is nice too



This confuses me. You must get the images from someone, and the last step they do is slap the logo on the un-branded image they composed / found. What extra work is involved to supply you with both images? They already have both. Which in turn could be put on your github. Except for one click more to attach two instead of one image, there’s no extra work involved for either the creator or your team.

I could ask the creator and save you any trouble or change, but it’s not clear who it is from the image. At least I couldn’t find their copyright information.

It would depend if the creator kept the original file they used to create the image, from my own experience xcf files from GIMP can take up a lot of storage space and the creator may have gotten rid of those files by now. I generally only keep these files til I’m happy with the end result.

Thanks to your nice work, I can finally use this background image!

Could you be a sport and wait until Galileo is officially released? At the moment you have no idea how we are going to handle this image and IF we are going to use it. We are very close to releasing it.

I already explained that we are having difficulties releasing an ISO because of the size of the team. This I want, I want attitude doesn’t help.
If it is so easy, why not try and offer your help to create an amazing ISO.

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Too bad, but I can see your reasoning. Since it was available and linked by @kagetora13 , I thought I can ask for it to get a head start. I take the question down for the moment.

Regarding the ISO, what help do you specifically need at the moment?

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We need help, especially with the Calamares installer but also with the live environment. At the moment there are only three who are handling this.
Just check our GitHub page.