Can We Have a Tutorial on Answering AUR/ Update Options

I was looking for how to handle all these possible scenarios when there are AUR Updates.

The Discover refers us to this YouTube where the creator uses a freshly updated computer for the example of how to update, which of course results in… there is nothing to do.
So what’s point of the video.

What I want, and am sure others would like is to see, is a walkthrough on how to handle the possible scenarios, how to answer the questions, and which options to choose, and the possible impact of taking those decisions when there are AUR updates.==>

Obviously the gold standard on maintenance is helpful A Complete Idiot's Guide To Endeavour OS Maintenance / Update / Upgrade - but it’s not dealing with this part. Maybe @fbodymechanic could update to cover this part of maintenance.

Should we be saying Y(es) to everything to get a clean install, or the maintenance scenarios. I wonder if this is not keeping old copies of outdated packages for no reason by selecting N.

Am I alone on this, or is there some document other than the Arch Wiki (which also fails to cover these points) that I have missed? Please forgive me if I conflating Pacman and AUR, since it’s all being run as a script in the Welcome app.

pacman does not do aur updates, when you type yay it wil :slight_smile:

Warning: AUR packages are user-produced content. These PKGBUILDs are completely unofficial and have not been thoroughly vetted. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

Straight from the Arch wiki. AUR isn’t officially supported. It’s use and subsequent updates won’t be added to my maintenance post.

OK, I get that, but is there any tutorial on how to handle these scenarios in the Welcome app?

Err…you didn’t post in that topic at all. What are you referring to?

It also doesn’t seem to have anything to do with AUR updates.

I conflated the two, sorry :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Oh, I should remove it. Ooops.

Can you perhaps describe what you are talking about? What AUR update options? What questions?

We do technically ship yay though. . .

Let me think about it. I still wouldn’t want to add it to maintenance.

Doesn’t pacseek update AUR?

The Arch infrastructure team would probably have some concerns if it did…


Quite often when I don’t have time for it, the Update in Welcome app, gives me a similar screen.

Then it starts asking do I want to compare the differences, and replace, etc. I barely know what should be replaced and what should be kept. I have not seen any documentation on this process, and if it exists, please link to it. Thank you.

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I didn’t install it, I just used the process as an example.

I’m probably conflating the two, since all I am doing is following the Welcome script according to what needs updating/replacing/deleting etc.

That is asking you which packages you want to install. You can’t get that screen during an update.

Those are all separate unrelated things. Also, the AUR questions you get from the welcome application update will vary based on what you have installed and your specific settings.

I use it to update and install packages and much more.

Thank you @moson - This looks like a very useful package, and I will give it a try.

So how to know what to answer for these “specific things” ?

Well this statement doesn’t make any sense to me.

Carefully read the questions and make an informed decision? Read the appropriate documentation to determine what those questions mean?

My point is without a specific, concrete example, there is no way to provide meaningful guidance.

I suspect you can’t find documentation because the questions are coming from multiple places. Some are probably coming from pacman and others from your AUR helper. But all the AUR helpers ask different questions. Further, the questions they ask are configurable.

The update script welcome application looks for an installed AUR helper from a list, so the questions you get will vary from person to person.