Quick question about EOS welcome update


I just have a quick question, namely does the EOS welcome update functionality
also cover flatpak updates , and if not, since that welcome menu is really well
made, especially for newcomers to EOS, would subject to implement it ?

Thanks for your input -…

No and No.



flatpak updates should be totally safe so I automate them with a systemd timer/service that checks for updates hourly and installs them.


we will not support flatpak per default… could only be optional setting.

From my point of view that shouldn’t be implemented if it’s not supported.
Something like that always means taking responsibility, which is reflected in the development time.
And nobody on the development team uses flatpaks. (Just my opinion)

But @manuel is the developer of welcome-app :wink:



Thanks for the interest!

But as others already say, that is not in our plans.

But Welcome includes the possibility to add more buttons with the feature named Personal Commands.

If you are not using that feature, please look at Welcome’s Tips tab for the tutorial about Personal Commands.
With that feature it is quite easy to add a button that does flatpak updates.

And I guess there are users here at the forum that already have done something similar. Hopefully they’ll see this thread and share their implementation. :smile:


thanks for the info , that is cool for all kind of purposes, I did not know

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all right, I think I got some usefull answers, I am fine with that so far :slight_smile: thanks for all about that

totaly understand and for me as a more experienced user
no problem, for users new to linux yet benefitial, it would be just 3 lines of code
to add that feature and those new users just would get :slight_smile: happy, but I am good whatsoever

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roger that : - )

If you implemented a Welcome’s Personal Commands button, would you like to share that code for others to use? :smile:

Disclaimer: that would be unofficial code snippet of course. :wink:

Don’t forget, we’re an intermediate oriented distro, new to linux are welcome- not necessarily directly catered to. Just keep that in mind. :wink:

for some reason, I tend to forget that, will try to better myself :wink:

I don’t flatpack, but I DO add personal commands from time to time. It is quite an easy procedure (also documented on our wiki in a couple of places, including incidentally on Pacman/Downgrade to a date).

  1. Create a script that issues the flatpack update command.
  2. Create a .desktop file for that script (use a sample from /usr/share/applications as a guide).
  3. Open a drag&drop window in Welcome for adding Personal commands.
  4. Drag and drop your .desktop command into that window.
  5. Issue your update command as desired.

As I understand flatpack, it might actually be a “check for updates, apply if found” script instead - but whatever works…

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copy that, EOS welcome is quite cool : - )

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