Can someone explain why did yay output this?

I was updating like normally before starting my day with all the writing and this is what yay printed me when I ran it in terminal

Why didn’t it do any updates? I just got a green arrow and … I pressed X to exit the terminal, was it bad to do that?

I kinda might have gotten confused and decided not to continue… maybe not to break something

The system isn’t broken and it works, but… I still wonder why didn’t it update right after I wrote yay?

I used the other command that has something like endeavour os aur inside it from the Welcome dashboard and that did the job well, without asking

I hope it ain’t a stupid question… But idk what did I have to press or do when seeing the green arrow

Note: I don’t remember having the first 2 yellow arrows, so… they’re not included in my case

Also for some reason my wallpaper reset to the default and I had to put back the wallpaper I used from downloads folder (perhaps it was a bug or something, Don’t mind it almost at all compared to the bugs I’ve seen on windows 10)

It is asking you which packages to upgrade or not upgrade. You could just press enter to keep going. Yay asks you quite a few questions when it does things especially regarding the aur. Some questions include, but aren’t limited too: which packages to upgrade, which packages to clean build, which packages to show diffs for. There are a bunch of flags that you can play around with regarding default answers to these questions.


Ah, makes sense, I was kinda tii tired to search it, thanks

Do you know maybe why did wallpaper reset to default?

I was testing and kinda measuring boot speeds and when getting into the DE, cinnamon in my case, the wallpaper reset to the endeavour os Casini one I have on the lock screen where I input the password

I start it up like maybe 6 times to see if there are other bugs

Not sure what that was about. Could be a bug in cinnamon or somehow it lost the wallpaper file or it was corrupted somehow. Your guess is as good as mine regarding that.

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Slightly off topic, but terrifying:




It looks normal. Other than you’re missing the Endeavour repo. . .

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The first yellow arrow is telling you that jguer-* is no longer available in the AUR but you still have them installed on your system. Since they are no longer available, you cannot possibly upgrade them.

The second yellow arrow is admitedly very strange. Since when is inxi in the AUR?

It was never in Arch repos. Since the OP removed the endeavouros repo, he is using inxi from the AUR.

EDIT: this is WRONG, see reply.


AKTCHUALLY it’s in extra this days, which makes total sense, finally!


Yeah, I got that completely wrong, here is the history of inxi in Arch repos:

It’s been in the repos before March 2018 and since December 2022.

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Maybe I found it because the picture is kinda old, very old, When I was looking for the green arrow outputed by yay

I didn’t quite remove anything, this is a screenshot found on the web :slight_smile:

Not that I know how to remove stuff like that, I’d not change such things or mess around with the OS xD


You wrote this right after you posted that screenshot. So it’s natural for people to assume that the screenshot depicts the situation on your system.

Let me guess what happened. You saw a bunch of messages printed by yay, and then you panicked and closed the terminal window without taking a screenshot of said messages first. You are too scared to run the command again, so you went and googled for a screenshot with a similar error message…

It depends. When you ran yay, it will first sync the .db files inside /var/lib/pacman/sync if they are out of date compared to the .db files in the mirrors. However, you closed the terminal window without completing the upgrade hence terminated the yay process. This means that the current state of your local packages might be out of sync with the .db files in /var/lib/pacman/sync.

I’d recommend resolving those issues and completing the upgrade as soon as possible.


Ye, my way of doing stuff, I’d research what I do rather than breaking stuff

Wait let me get this straight you come here asking for help and post a picture found on the web of found something similar? How is that supposed to help us help you? We need exact errors not near exact there could be numerous issues for a problem to come up. Please if you are unsure of how to do something ASK that is what we are here for.


If you are that afraid of doing things then I would recommend you really reconsider using and Arch based distro.

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Isn’t necessary that I’m afraid of it, but I had too much work to do… Like 4-5 hrs of handwriting stuff that I looked up by searching on Copilot

I know that I can reinstall it, so I’m not afraid 100% of breaking it… I just don’t have the time :confused:

Hopefully I didn’t anger someone, my bad

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I doubt it. Amused and entertained, yes… Angered, very unlikely. :rofl:


I can’t speak for everyone here, but no. Your actions didn’t anger me. I did find it amusing and a little bit funny, though.