Can someone explain me a few things?

Hi, I know it’s a commonly asked thing here, but how Do I update this Linux distro and install software?

What’s the equivalent here for Sudo apt update && Sudo apt upgrade?

And the equivalent of Sudo apt install…

The main thing I’m really concerned about is the wifi

RTL 8821 CE is the wifi card, which distro/image of this linux supports it natively ?

And if it is NOT supported what wifi driver should I get and where are they at, like may I get a Download link ?

How can I install the wifi drivers from this wifi card, cuz it never worked normally when I tried different Linux .Iso distros ?

I hope I won’t bother you with such simple questions…

I’m looking to work in Intellij Ideea and C Lion(but the unstable, CLION EAP version because I cannot pay so much for the stable one) , how do I install the EAP version?

By the way… Which version/image uses less ram and has good Wayland support and is stable too? (I may need it for using 2 screen with this rather cranky Intel iris graphics)

Like I know that there are KDE and Gnome, which is better?

To update endeavour just type

to install apps
sudo pacman -S appname
yay -S appname(aur)

There is enough war in the world please dont start another :rofl:

as far as your wifi maybe someone who is more versed in that can come help


As mentioned this is a matter of choice which you feel comfortable with, when you run the installer it will give you a selection of DE to install and a brief description on them. Maybe try them out in a virtual machine first and then make a decision.

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I’ll try it with the Oracle Virtual machine if that is ok for it

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That works fine with it

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Is there a way to look up on the web the packages by name, like Ubuntu’s snap store to know them exactly?

What’s the chance of having the system broken if I install from Aur?

How do I find Timeshift ? Like how do I look for the exact name with terminal?

You can search online through these sites

There is also pacseek which you will have to install and a few other options.

Chances of breaking your system really depend on what you are installing and why. I haven’t broken my system in years and use a few different programs from the AUR.

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It’s just called timeshift install with
sudo pacman -S timeshift

There is a good article if you intend to use it with snapshots on BTRFS here and also a lot of other useful information in the wiki

I’m pretty sure there is a topic on here as well about it if you where to look up timeshift

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@smokey has given you the urls you were requesting for package info.

Keep in mind that Arch is a Rolling release so packages from the normal repos are more than likely to cause issues with your system than stuff from the AUR. With that said obviously every external existence is a possible threat.

best thing you can do is simply RELAX and ENJOY the ride.

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Some folks pretend that XFCE is more stable, or that Gnome has better workflow - but really, everyone knows KDE is the best.

To get started:

sudo pacman -S yay
yay timeshift

See how it goes - you can also look up how to customise yay (yay config file).

I love yay, because I’m a lazy typist.

yay is installed by default


Here are my two Bolívares (fwiw :sweat_smile:)

Don’t jump into a bare metal installation.
Keep using your current operating system.
Install Virtualbox and install EnOS as VM.
Experiment, make and break to you heart content.
When you feel you’ve got the hang of it, install on real hardware.
Anything that needs working out (like WiFi etc.), you can take it from there.


What do you mean by here?

Are there some tutorials or place where I could get my wifi driver from ?

I’d like to find a way to install it(the wifi drivers), but I have no idea how to do it here

I guess that I’ll have to buy a wifi dongle some day for Linux…(like those usb wifi cards)

Two places to add to your browser favorites if you plan on taking the arch journey with Endeavour and those are

The first is going to be where you can find out anything and everything arch. This will give you information about your drivers and how to use your Arch based System

The second is the endeavour wiki


What thefrog said above.

If you want to search for the ‘AwesomeApp’ in the endeavour OS official repository:

pacman -Ss AwesomeApp

To search the Arch User Repository:

yay -Ss AwesomeApp

Edit: made easier to read.

Please open one topic per one issue you would want assistance with.

It would be much easier for those able to help, to know what they are dealing with and what has already been said, done or not.

Also, when requesting for assistance, detailed information on your system and the issue you are experiencing would help the helpers:

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Depends on how you like to operate your software, I guess.

Out of the box, design wise, KDE is more familiar with those who familiar with Microsoft Windows computing paradigm. GNOME looks like Mac, but operate really different, it’s “it’s own thing”.

If you want to be efficient and use more RAM, go with XFCE/LXDE/MATE.

What’s that app supposed to do?