Can someone explain me a few things?

You haven’t lived if you never installed AwesomeApp.

I think, if you’re reading a thread like this, you should think about maybe having a terminal open to take a look at some of these things…

The ‘AwesomeApp’ doesn’t exist, it’s just an example where you put the name of the app or whatever you want to search for.

I use those commands i posted to search in the terminal. In arch based linux the terminal is the way things are often done.

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Ok, thanks!

I used Ubuntu and Linux Mint for 2 yrs, I found out later when I looked through AUR that it doesn’t exist


An even simpler solution is to just use yay appname which searches for the package ( in names and descriptions) in both the official repositories and the AUR.

For example


Now that’s smart, thanks!

Is it also possible to install the same terminal that manjaro has ? Idk it’s name exactly :cry:

Depends which desktop environment you mean. Most of them use different terminals.

Unless you are referring to the shell, which they use zsh and powerlevel9k for the theming.

Here are two links that can get you started with that zsh and powerlevel9k

I used gnome on manjaro back then, did they use the 9k thing?

I used manjaro maybe 1 yr ago

Then you were using the GNOME terminal, zsh as the shell and powerlevel9k for the theming.

Anyway, I had no idea that they had a custom theme over zsh(their terminal) … It’s absolutely amazing

If you intend to customize the prompt you can use