Can linux 58 be installed?

Can Linux58 Kernel be installed? Can’t see it in the repo, so do I have to add Arch Testing?

this week coming in stable on

Testing has the next 5.7 kernel.

The main repos don’t have pre-release kernels.

Custom kernels are available, e.g:

Is there much demand for multiple kernel series, e.g. older LTS?

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Most people have more than one installed. Many of us run Linux-zen. Personally I keep Linux-zen, Linux current, and Linux-LTS installed. Sorry for the bad formatting on my phone.

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Yup, I have linux and linux-zen on one, linux and linux-ck on another. I’m just wondering whether there’s any reason for having e.g. 4.19 available…

Surely there could be some edge cases, but personally i haven’t got into situation to be locked in something older than latest LTS…

Hard to say


Not sure why 4.19 is around my system could never boot it due to a RX vega 56/64 bug that never got fixed. The Lts kernel worked when they switched it for 5.4.

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Also looking, linux-mainline is in the AUR ( and a third-party repo (

I’m on 5.8 mainline kernel from chaotic-aur. Pre-built, binary package.


I only have one kernel installed. I guess i am the odd man out!

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Always worth having a backup, belt and braces.


I would say yes, simply because I keep my laptop on Linux 4.19 (an old HP ProBook 4540s). I get much worse performance when running higher versions of the Linux kernel. But this is only tested on Manjaro, I plan to convert it to EndeavourOS, so we’ll see how it works there with a new LTS kernel.


Arch typically waits for the x.x.1 update before releasing to stable repositories.