Can I remove the Electron desktops, 25, 28 and 29?

I have the endeavor build that support Nvidia graphics cards, and I have a lower end card a 6550 with Turing architecture. I just use the card for photo processing.

On a regular update, it’s trying to suddenly update the Electron 25 version, which I didn’t know was in there, and on looking, I have electron 28 and 29 as well. My understanding is that this is for building applications using web browsers as a base, and it has been loading for 2 hours now. What a pain. Can I pacman them away without breaking something?

Use pacman -Qi and find out what needs them. If nothing needs them, then they can likely be removed without issue.

When is the last time you cleared orphans?

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Generally speaking, you could run

pactree -r X

to see if something in your system is dependent on X or not.

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On this machine it’s been awhile for clearing orphans, but it’s a backup machine with little use.

These electron desktops are monsters, the first phase of download is 30GB, for something I’ll never use, and it isn’t anywhere near done.

If you want my advice, remove all of them, and everything that requires them.

Everything after pacstrap is BLOAT



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[markal@markal-optiplex390 ~]$ pactree -r X
error: package ‘X’ not found
[markal@markal-optiplex390 ~]$

X was meant as an example. Use the name of the package you want to check.

For example: pactree -r glibc

[markal@markal-optiplex390 ~]$ pactree -r electron29
[markal@markal-optiplex390 ~]$ pactree -r electron28
[markal@markal-optiplex390 ~]$

I could uninstall geogebra. It’s cool, but I never really use it. Only electron29 is used for anything, electron25 & electron28 are just there. I will get rid of all of them.

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I assume it’s safe to interrupt the download. Haven’t done it yet, but it looks like it has hours to go.

What download?

Oh well. I tried to copy the current terminal screen. It would not copy. Some quirk on this Nvidia system I havn’t encountered before. And the terminal screen vanished without me trying to kill it.

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Now it’s back, hell. Downloading a copy of chromiumj browser foer this electron desktop

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I just closed it, will reboot and see what happens.

What? Why? Didn’t you say you wanted to remove Electron? I’m utterly confused…

It seems like the upgrade to the Electron desktop I didn’t know I had, started as a normal system upgrade, just running paru, and at the end it started doing all this extra stuff. It was obvious that it was trying to upgrade this unneeded package I didn’t know I had and has been taking hours.

O.K. the machine came back just fine. So I will pacman -Rns Geogebra, electron25, 28 and 29, one at a time.

You’re probably building some huge package from the AUR.

You ought to be a bit more aware of what is going on. It’s not sufficient to just type paru and answer y to everything.

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Could be true. But nothing was damaged. I just have some packages I didn’t intentionally install and don’t want or need. I don’t claim to understand all the pieces to this system.