Can I program any lighting on Kogan keyboard?

I am thinking of buying this keyboard

However I have some concerns. The product mentions compatible OS:


I am concerned that I would not be able to control the keyboard without using its propriatery software/driver found on Windows.

Is it possible to still control the RGB lightings on this keyboard, even if I had to make the software myself?

Does it require binary blobs or something?

I do not know about your keyboard! However I use Corsair keyboards,
there is a program for them Off the top off my head I cant remember the name.



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Not familiar with that keyboard, but there is always openrgb to investigate - it is created for the purpose of accessing rgb controls without Windows being needed. You setup may be one of the possibles…

I am lucky enough to have Corsair mouse/keyboard so I can use openrgb OR ckb-next to control them both…

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Would this work even if I used linux-libre kernal?

Not enough knowledge (of what the linux-libre version contains, mainly) to say - but FWIW don’t expect it to care about kernel version. It looks a bit tricky to set up though - so don’t give up TOO easily :grin: Best hope is someone else has tried it successfully and posted how they did it…

I am just worried cause since linux-libre strips all binary blobs so I mean it could be a concern.

Cool mate thanks mate =D

Here is most popular project for that RGB stuff, doesn’t seem it has your keyboard :man_shrugging:

Maybe you can write them and ask for support, or try to code it yourself :upside_down_face:

As long as it doesn’t require binary blobs?

I don’t know doesn’t look like it, do your research in their repo :wink:

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From a quick look at Kogan keyboards and pricing, I wonder if they are ‘rebranded’ Chinese keyboards such as Reddragon &c. If so, you may be in luck…

I actually just heard that they amazon was also selling the same keyboard but it was rebranded so not sure what the original keyboard brand is, I hope it is reddragon :slight_smile:

Does this support mouses as well?

Yep, from the looks of it it support a range of devices even some RAM

Interesitng mate thanks mate :slight_smile:

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there is also piper for the mouse that will change dpi, lighting, and button mapping if you have something like a logitech g series or something like that that would have software on windows to change these things.

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If you are still thinking of buying this keyboard, maybe you should think about buying a keyboard that is supported by the above apps?


I have a cooler master set MS121 RGB keyboard and mouse. It has it’s own firmware on the mechanical keyboard. Lighting is controlled by F keys. I have no additional software. I wouldn’t be surprised if that one works similar.

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