Can I please have my wallpaper back?

I just updated my system and it seems like the standard wallpaper was replaced and the “old” one is nowhere to be found anymore.
C’mon guys, that’s not nice, give me my wallpaper back pls :face_with_monocle:

You have access to them all via the welcome app.

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I had the same thing happen to me a few days ago, my wallpaper got reset to an EndeavourOS wallpaper. Wasn’t sure which package caused that though. If I can interest you in some wallpapers, I do know a guy :wink:

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@BONK : I redownloaded the wallpaper through the welcome app, but the old default is not there!

@Scotty_Trees : Thx, nice collection! But I really would like to have “my” wallpaper back anyway :wink:

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OK, so I downloaded the old ISO an extracted it from there. If anybody else still wants it:


or original here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

" "


Thx, just a few minutes too late. I’m a bit impatient sometimes :crazy_face:

Did you make this wallpaper?

:wink: think you say " I take the 5th "… 55555555

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Thank you for reporting, I will put it back in the file eos_wallpapers_classic


I’m afraid I don’t understand

Anyway, if you made this wallpaper: Great job! :+1:

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The wallpaper is back in the file eos_wallpapers_classic, for running installs just click on the download more wallpapers and then choose one of the EOS wallpapers.

The name of the wallpaper is Lava_EndeavourOS


I prefer the new wallpaper–very sharp. In fact, everything about “Atlantis” is very slick & polished. It looks & works like a finished product. I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. The only downside is that I never have any interesting bugs or glitches to complain about on the forum. EOS is so stable it’s boring.


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Thanks, good to have the original uncompressed wallpaper.

By the way, is there a ‘clean’ version of these wallpapers? (ie. no text)

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No…they made for Endeavouros :pray:

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