Calamares - Oh Dear!

Well, I had some more fun today with your calameres installer on my Intel NUC5CPYH with 240G SSD and 4G RAM.

I have been playing with i3 (and spectrwm which was a nightmare) recently and I thought I would try your endeavouros version, despite the problems I had with your installer a week or so ago. I downloaded a new copy of your installer, dd’d it onto a USB stick and away I went.

I probably had to restart about 5 or 6 times. The one obvious reason was that calamares didn’t like to do the partitioning. Other lockups occurred at different times. I eventually partitioned the drive myself and somehow it managed to complete an online installation of i3. I played with that and didn’t really like it (volume icon wasn’t doing anything at all). I did attempt to change some of your keybindings but I basically decided to reinstall a plain xfce. It seemed to go OK though the progress bar was stuck at zero. Eventually the terminal seemed to indicate that the installation was over so I came out of calamares and restarted and was surprised to find myself in vanilla xfce. Except that nothing seemed to work properly, so there was obviously a lot missing.

I’m sorry to say your version of Calamares is very buggy. I had a manual arch install of Openbox up and running within an hour complete with most of my configurations, so my computer is fine.

Am I really the only person who can’t get your calamares to work?

No, you are not the only person, it happens that there is unsupported hardware and many times these problems of non-compatibility happen.

Regarding Calamares, it is already known that it has its problems, it is used in many Linux distributions, there are hardware/people who have problems and there are those who do not.

It is a balance of computing nature :grinning:


I’m sure you are right. Although, I would have thought that an Intel NUC5 with integrated graphics would be pretty much supported. I never have any trouble with manual Arch installation, nor with Zen and Anarchy. It’s the Calameres that’s thr problem, obviously. Anyway, it’s only my secondary linux computer that I use for fun installations.

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Perhaps you’ve missed the answer I gave a couple of days ago but here it is again:

And I also aswered you in your original post: