Bye bye Atom

Sorry my bad :pensive:

Not in ARM repos

No problems, getting old is no fun, take the piss all you want :rofl:

it was more than half an hour, but you should note that the software is in an early stage(Pre-alpha Stage) and according to the github issue tracker there are still some teething problems.

Is the add emoji not working?

All I am seeing is two colons??

I wonder if it is because my vpn is on? Hmmm. Will reboot in a bit.

Nope it’s the same for me, I see two colons and a missing image icon

Browser? Firefox here.

also firefox here:


It is happening on other browsers too.

I am seeing the same thing on mobile.

I clicked on it and 2 appeared, so it acts like an emoji even if it doesn’t look like one :thinking:

I know that web-based apps are out of favor, but I’ve used Atom extensively to write Markdown and ditched it for Obsidian which is another web-based application. I rely heavily on these for note-taking.

I’m very happy with Obsidian because it addresses what I was using Atom for even better. I take all my notes in markdown and now I can have them in a bundle with hyperlinks between them and nice graph visualization.

For editing text files in general, I’ve always generally used vi.

So I am the only person who uses Microsoft Word as a text editor for my code?

Just kidding of course!!!

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“Batteries included” would be the opposite of “feature-challenged”. Then again I wouldn’t expect any more features than the ones already mention on the app’s home page.

As the website mentions it’s still in “Pre-alpha Stage”. So the app currently is only for the curious.

lite-xl is interesting but what about performance with it being written in an interpreted languages like lua?

It’s very very light and fast. Check it out.
I know rust is all the hype these days and I don’t know much about lua, but I think you can write good code in most languages

Oh, okay! Will check it out when I have time. I am actually looking for a light weight code editor. Currently trying out “Lunar Vim” based on Neovim which is great so far.

I use AstroNvim, that is easier to setup and I think has less bloat. Check it out.

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Interesting! On it’s github page I also see “CosmicNvim” specifically for “web development” which is what I am learning. Will check these out.

the best freeware code editor for professional web development is vs code, it’s from microsoft, i know, but that is a fact. Komodo isn’t bad either.