Buying new laptop, need help

Just so you know, the yoga slim is nice and cheap but the bottom has a soft weird warping, or don’t know how to explain. The aluminum bends back and forth when carried from below, too thin. ThinkPads feel way sturdier.


On Amazon it’s usually well discounted

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Don’t know if you can access the us webpage, but I found the Lenovo carbon X1 to be great. You may consider an older generation, Linux works blazing fast and you have a higher screen resolution. SSD can be replaced by a larger one.

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Hm… on my site it is far more expensive xD but it is Intel

Ok… But note Intel is implemented in the Linux Kernel to my understanding, so it’s free firmware. Intel Xe works well.

I guess depends if you want gaming.

Edit: ah you want amd processor…

I had AMD and never had issues on Linux, while I saw people have issues with Intel/Nvidia.

But if Intel is good, why not ? :slight_smile:

What is the budget? That has a big impact on what you are able to get spec wise.

Yes avoid hybrid Intel/Nvidia! Nvidia sucks…


1200 EUR
But most important good screen, if possible not soldered RAM, if yes, at least 16 gb

No bad, no sure on budget


Yeah, looks good, but think that Tuxedo in my case is better cause it is in Europe and more configurable

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Tuxedo are commited to free software and added Coreboot to theirachnes.

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I just bought brand new
Lenovo Legion 5 R5-5/16/1000/3060/165Hz 15.6"
and I have no regrets
it came with windows 11 which i hate :nauseated_face:
so i deleted that crap and installed arch linux of course :crazy_face:
it is with amd and nvidia and everything runs fast


Most of the Lenovo products come with some form of soldered Ram but not all of them. You have to check the specs. If you look at the Lenovo site you have to see what is available in your location, the specs and the price. Sometimes they have really good deals but you have to catch them at the right time and when they have stock. I also wouldn’t go for those particular Asus models.

Here is an example of what’s available here from lenovo. Not sure what is available in your location.


You could also take a look at the ThinkPad L14 AMD gen 3. Battery, storage and RAM are exchangeable and built as a tank. (T14 AMD gen 3 isn’t available in Europe, yet.)
Unless you live in Germany, take note that ordering the Tuxedo machine will have local additional tax charged, because it is over € 1000,-. (We’re not entirely united in the EU :wink:)

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Wait what ? :smiley:

It says : For orders outside the EU there might be additional duties, taxes or charges needed to be paid by the customer. These don’t have to be paid to the supplier, but to local authorities.

and I think that additional tax is already included :

  • Sub-Total:1.238,45 EUR
  • Shipping:43,74 EUR
  • incl. 25% Tax:256,44 EUR

I thought that inside EU is easier to order , haha… seems not maybe

No, They are talking about the EU tax, everything above € 1000,- will be charged with import taxes.
Only companies that are registered in your country are charging you all the taxes and they will handle it, if not, you have to do it yourself.

Companies like Lenovo and Amazon are paying taxes in your country, hence the “easy local” payment method.

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Hm…good to know

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I hope it is SSD not HDD, it made incredible difference in performance on my 10 years old laptop. It is worth the money.

SSD ofc :slight_smile: never going back to HDD

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